MODE, Archive of Visible Signs, is an online graphic design archive focusing on logos investigating the relationship between design and culture. The website provides an extraordinary way of storing logo designs through which the users are expected to examine the archived works by using specific filters and relations. While the users are given an immense amount of data, filtering through historical, formal, and semantic qualities of design works helps them identify and compare how graphic design has accompanied meaning throughout history. It aims at how the message (semantic attributes) of a logo is visually formed based on location, date, and formal values.


List graphic design works

Filter them by using historical, formal and semantic data attached to each design work

Upload new logo designs that are published by relevant graphic design organizations to expand the archive

Use this website as a research tool

Moderate design and culture related presentations for educational purposes as a student or educator

Be part of a community where you can share your knowledge and learn from others through discussions

This website is founded by Mustafa Ozcicek as a part of MFA Thesis at Savannah College of Art and Design in August 2018. Learn more by reading Identifying Symbols and Symbolic Modes in Graphic Design and contacting me via mustafaozcicek@yahoo.com.

Thank you.